Company Profile

National Paper Industries Manufacturing Plant

Our Mission Statement

To establish strategic business divisions within The Broadford Mill to elevate our standing and market share within the paper, printing, packaging and allied industrial sector. We will continue to create ever evolving products and services to ensure our clients` needs are met and their expectations are exceeded. The Broadford Mill will offer as a group, packaging solutions, specialty and commodity boards (both local and imported), rewinding and sheeting services and much more.

Whilst achieving this, we will focus on enhancing our relationships with all clients and suppliers through good, old fashioned service and reliability.

About Us

The Broadford Mill one of the foremost independent manufacturers and importers of pasted and specialty boards in Australasia. We operate our plant in Broadford, approximately 75 kms from Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria, Australia.

The site has been in operation since 1890. We convert approximately 8000 tonnes of pasted paper board products and convert roughly 10,000 tonnes of slit paper and board. These figures continue to grow in line with the forward vision of The Broadford Mill.

The Broadford Mill is a versatile business which is thriving in a highly competitive market, offering a high level of service, quality and expertise The Broadford Mill has also achieved Lloyd Quality Certification AS-NZS ISO9001:2016 and Codex HACCP which enhances our products and services for all our valued customers.

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